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Deer Hunting Trips

Deer hunting trips can be more enjoyable if you use the proven methods for hunting deer. To hunt deer effectively, an assessment of the area will be necessary. Take the right steps to lure deer and make your hunting trips more exciting.

For deer hunting trips to be successful, preparation is the key. It takes more than just a big rifle to become a skilled hunter; you need to focus on the following aspects too.

Practice Using Your Weapon

It doesn’t matter if you use a gun or a bow. What does matter is how well you know how to use it. A single missed shot will scare off the animal and cause it to hide. You cannot go on hunting trips unless you know how to use the weapon well.
This becomes even more important if you are hunting with friends. A good hunter will be able to kill the deer with a single shot. You must also learn how to shoot from different positions.

Deer Hunting Trips

Follow the Deer Trail

These are creatures of habit. They will pick out certain areas and keep coming back there. Study the area and know where the animal frequently goes to.
When you go on deer hunting trips, look for the deer droppings. Observe where these droppings are and you will know the route which the deer takes. Aside from droppings, look for antler rubs and buck scrapes.
Make sure you set yourself up in the right place. No matter what your bait is, the deer won’t go there if it isn’t a place they frequent. These animals don’t wander off; they stay in certain spots.

Use a Camera

Use a trail camera to scout the grounds. You can use this gadget to determine what animals go there. Place the camera in different locations so you can tell where the deer are going to.
Alternatively, you can go over the area yourself and look it over. It may take some time, but you will get a feel for the territories of the different animals there. However, you need to be discreet.

There is also the option of hunting deer using a rangefinder. Rangefinders can easily help you determine how far away the deer are from your position, so you want to make sure you get the best rangefinder possible (and this applies to bow hunters as well as rifle hunters). When I shopped for my last rangefinder, I found a nice rangefinder comparison chart at


There are many types of bait you can use. Apples, beets, potatoes and corn can be used to draw a deer’s attention. By setting the bait in a clear spot, you will be able to make the animal stand still, giving you a clear shot.

Calls and Scents

However there are hunters who prefer to use calls and scents instead. The scents can be used in two ways. It can be used to lure the animal to come to the hunter’s location or it can be used to hide the hunter’s scent.
If you are going to use scents, be certain you are positioned in such a manner the scent doesn’t blow in the area the animals will come from. This will cause them to draw back.
There are many types of calls you can do, such as doe bleats and buck grunts. Another way to call out deer is by rattling antlers together. This is one of the best ways to attract the buck, especially during mating season.

Unless you know the right methods, deer hunting trips can be very frustrating. By using these techniques, you can reduce the waiting time to find deer and get those quality kills.

The Challenges of Hunting Iguanas

Did you hear about the invasion of Iguanas in Florida? How they became invasive and dangerous to other animals and species. People want to stop such an invasion and protect all the other birds, butterflies and animals in the area. Thus, many hunters would be getting thrilled to go for overwhelming iguana hunting.

Although animal rights advocates would insist to bring all the captured iguanas to animal shelters, there is an ongoing talk about the legality of hunting iguanas and how it can actually help to preserve and protect all the other animal species. Not to forget about the damages that some iguana species to the cities infrastructure, on seawalls, roads and canal banks.

It seems that hunting iguanas might sound easy and a no-sweat job, there are still challenges that many hunters should be aware of.

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The Challenges

Before you pick up your rifle to go iguana hunting, you need to make yourself familiar with the possible challenges that you might encounter. That is for your own safety and protection. Though this bearded dragon may not be able to hurt you much, the hunting itself should be permissible and safe.

Although hunting opportunities are available in many areas, there are some protected areas that you need to stay away from. Also, using firearms is often prohibited when hunting for this reptile. You might only be allowed to bring a pellet rifle, not as dangerous to other animals in the area.

When hunting for iguanas, a hunter should know the basics. Fairly, hunting of any animal is just as easy as looking at a target and fire! You need to be very careful not to harm any other living folks around. And before you even pull the trigger, you should have the idea, are you going to hit it to kill or simply to neutralize it.

Reptiles like iguana might not be as quick as the deer. But they can still slip-off if you aren’t fast enough. So as what a normal hunter does, you need to be in a stealth mode, aim right before you fire. You also have to make sure that hunting of iguanas is permissible in that area or you might end up caught for some animal hunting violations.

Why Hunt Iguanas?

Talking about the challenges of hunting iguanas and how to overcome them, you need to get the bottom line about why you are hunting in the first place. In some places, iguanas are now added to the local cookbooks. Others make them as pets.

So do you want to hunt for these reptiles? If it’s just for fun, then that’s probably less of a challenge. Or if you wanted it for food, then hunting can be as easy as firing the target. But if you want to get it spotless and you decide to keep it as a pet, you need to be very careful when capturing it. Do it in a most cautious way.

Check out more about places where you can hunt for iguanas and be very sure that you’re doing it lawfully and with all cautiousness!

The Benefits of Hunting Small Game with Air Rifles

Small Game Hunting

Hunting with air rifles is becoming enormously popular today, although it’s not as fun as bow hunting it’s ideal for small game. Hitting vermin with a bow is very difficult and a air rifle becomes much more practical in this scenario.

The evolution of construction of air rifles had made it possible for the much needed power and accuracy in hunting which we only dreamt of years ago. Considering some specific characteristics of air rifle, it has been admirably effective and had met the needs of hunters of small game. Air rifles have attracted many people for the challenge of it. But there are some issues to be considered in using air rifles as a hunting tool.

Using air rifles is beneficial in small game, but one must consider the type of air rifle to use. There are a variety of models available in the market today. The popular multi-pump air rifles are quite capable of taking small game like squirrels and rabbits, but it requires the shooter to pump the rifle several times. Another kind of air rifle that makes it beneficial for small game hunting is the Nitro-piston; this kind of rifle has a design that reduces the weight of moving parts that makes it quieter, avoiding startling the small species. There is a PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) model which has a reservoir large enough to fire 20-25 shots before having to refill the reservoir, this characteristics allows hunters to take multiple shot during the game.

The caliber of air rifles is beneficial compared to other hunting tools, there are four main types of calibers, but there are two basic types use in small games. There is a rule of thumb, .177 calibers for feathers, and .22 for furs. Basically, this means that for shooting birds, use .177 caliber and for small fury animals use .22 caliber air rifles. But according to some hunters, whatever kind of caliber your air rifles has is not the issue. The real issue is the kind of ammo used during the hunting.

With the evolution of air rifles, the ammo or pellet used also undergone radical changes, before ammo were made with hollow shells with flat nose, at present, pellets are made not only of wad cutters but are also pointed, round nose, hollow point and polymer-tipped versions. These kinds of ammo are lead-free, made of alloy that produces the highest velocity. This yields accuracy than that of traditional constructed pellet. Furthermore, it was recommended that for closer ranges, choose a hollow point pellet and at longer ranges, the use of the shooter should use pointed or domed pellet for greater accuracy.

Air rifle is all about accuracy; practice shooting with different ranges before hunting small game is extremely important, use practices that resemble the actual size of the animal and different ranges. This kind of preparation stimulates experience during the hunt and achieves necessary marksmanship to pursue small game. Moreover, this verifies the accuracy of air rifles with the pellets to hit the lethal zone which is usually the size of a quarter in small games. The use of scope which is present in majority of air rifles is sometimes mandatory to hit the target. It aids in bringing targets into focus, it also helps being precise with pellet placement of shots. A good scope is also excellent in the use of identifying correct targets to shoot and avoid indigenous animals.

Air rifles are quiet compared to other firearms. The challenge it brings gives appeal to the hunter because it tests their capabilities in hunting aspects. But same law applies, air rifle hunters must adhere to the rules of the state regarding hunting. Be familiar with the regulations in the area of jurisdiction. Some areas allow hunting and using air rifles for pest control, a more humane way than using pesticides. The pursuit of small game with an air rifle is a rewarding experience but always bear in mind to hunt ethically.

The right sleeping bag/tent combo for a deep hunting trip

The last thing you want when you’re out deer hunting is being unprepared for a warm night once the night falls. Your day may be filled with excitement, planning, scoping, waiting, and so forth, so you’re going to want to have the right equipment for getting a restful night’s sleep. The two main components you’ll want to have with you for overnight hunting will be a high quality sleeping bag and a suitable tent.

bow hunting

We all like to practice our shooting, but it’s imperative that you learn the other vital skills to be out hunting.

The right sleeping bag for your journey

This is a very important aspect of overnight camping or hunting. Depending where you are and what time of year it is, temperatures can drop well below freezing and possibly put you in danger of frostbite or illness. One of the highest rated, American-made sleeping bags out there is the 4 Piece US Military Gortex Modular Sleeping Bag System. As the name of it states, there is 4 parts to this bag. The first is a inside layer, a Patrol Sleeping Bag that will take good care of you in pretty much any climate down to 30 F. As it’s lightweight, you can use this bag on lighter-weight journeys such as backpacking and hiking. The second from the inside out is a Cold Weather Sleeping Bag that is suitable down to -10 F on it’s own. The last outer layer is the most hardcore layer, and is the backbone of this bag being so highly rated. It is Gore-tex and therefore 100% waterproof, protecting you from all elements you might be faced with. Each bag fits inside the other, (the smallest being the Patrol Bag, largest being the outer shel), and when combined it will protect you down to a whopping -30 F. The fourth and last piece of this set is the compression sack which makes it easier to carry and transport. When packed right, it will condense down to about 1 foot cubed. It’s a bit heavier (9-12 pounds), but very much worth it if you find yourself in a variety of climates and circumstances.

The best tent for the job

A great standard sized tent to go for would be a 1-2 person tent to reduce the footprint you make where you’re staying. If you have room in the tent for you (maybe a friend that came along with you) and your necessities, you’ll be pretty set. A really great 1 person tent for your lone journeys is definitely the Teton Sports Outfitter XXL Quick Tent. It’s made to fit a cot, but your cozy, durable sleeping bag will do just as well if you prefer. The base, roof and whole exterior of this little tent is waterproof and will guarantee you a dry night, regardless of the weather outside. This tent is extremely easy to set up (less than a couple minutes), and weights no more than 4 pounds! If you’re going to opt for the previously mentioned heavier sleeping bag, this tent is a great pair for it as it helps cut down on weight you have to lug around (especially if you’re hiking or backpacking somewhere). Depending on how many people are with you on your hunting trip, your preference may be a larger 3+ person tent. You can check out a huge variety of different tents at if these reviews haven’t met your mark.

Should You Use a Bow Scope?

Recreation is an essential part of daily living. It’s fitting to have some time off from work and go for something you like to enjoy. Hunting is an excellent recreational activity that many find enjoyable. Regardless if you’re an amateur or experienced hunter, having the right tools is essential. A bow scope is considered to be an essential accessory for first timers.


If you happen to have just started on crossbow hunting, it’s important to know what you’re actually looking for while you’re on a quest for varying bow scopes available today. Factors such as accuracy, brand, capacity to see down the range, and fitting are all important when picking a bow scope.

When shopping for a bow scope, you’ll need to be familiar with your bow. If you’re struggling with the idea, you can always bring the bow with you so you can be sure of choosing the right scope. If you end up with a wrong scope, there’s a good chance you’ll miss a lot of shots.

So, as you shop for bow scopes, make sure you go for an ideal scope (if you’re unsure, there’s a great guide at size for your bow. This ensures you get accurate aim while minimizing your chances of missing a target.

All bow scopes come with a magnified glass at one end. When a hunter looks down the range via the scope, he can view just about everything near him. This can be misleading since you’ll assume the target is within reach. Each bow possesses a range in which it can accurately shoot. So, when buying a scope, it’s essential you see the right shooting range for your bow. With this in mind, you’ll be able to match an ideal bow scope that matches your bow, to preventing firing out of range.

There are varying bow scopes available in the market today offering varying accuracy and range when it boils down to shooting. These scope variations consists of optical, multi-reticle optical, single red-dot, and multiple red-dot.

The multi-reticle optical scope has multiple lines that offer near-accurate estimation in your shooting range. A hunter is capable of carrying out a 60-yard shot in an easy manner. A multi-red dot bow scope offers varying range while aiding you to aim at bigger targets. Meanwhile, the red-do scope is powered and can either function as a single or multi-dot depending your preference.

Utilizing a bow scope ensures you get accurate aim and less chances of missing your target. There a handful of shops nowadays that sell bow scopes. If you can’t find one near you, you can always post an order online. Varying shops provide different pricing so before you make a decision, look around so you can find ones that meet your budget and requirements.

It’s also critical to gain the right information. With a plethora of scopes today, picking the right one will largely depend on how much you know about the product as well as the current bow you possess.

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The Right Equipment for Bow Hunting


The first time I ever went Bow Hunting, I recall feeling as though I was the most prepared hunter in the world. I had all my gear packed up, and let me tell you I had everything! Since this was an overnight expedition I had everything from pots and pans to full size tooth paste tubes and enough food to feed myself, and probably all the other hunters in the party for days. Unfortunately, I didn’t really consider how difficult hauling all of this stuff through the bush would be and I can tell you that my very first bow hunt was a complete disaster.

Since then, I have obviously learned a lot about how to prepare properly for an elk hunt. I began learning a lot more about tactical devices such as tactical flashlights and tactical knives. Tactical devices are generally designed with the outdoorsman or the military professional in mind so everything is made to last and to be reliable in the harshest of conditions.

Perhaps the best tactical device I ever picked up was a tactical flashlight. On that first bow hunt I went out on I carried just a regular department store flashlight which I thought was perfect. I made sure I had lots of extra batteries and after it was all packed up, it probably added a few pounds to my bag just on its own. Today, I carry a Streamlight 88031 and it has made me a better hunter all together. No need to pack extra batteries and the Streamlight provides more light than if I put multiple department store flashlight together. Furthermore, the tactical flashlight is both light and extremely rugged as it is made of anodized aluminum which is virtually unbreakable unless exposed to intense pressures.

The other device which has made my bow hunts a lot more successful is my tactical folding knife which is again made of anodized aluminum. It sits on the side of my hip and is easily accessible when needed. The blade is so sharp that it will get through pretty much anything and it’s great when it comes to having to take care of my prized elk. And since a folding knife is under $100, it’s affordable and durable.

I still laugh when I see these rookie bow hunters out in the field carrying way too much gear. As you get more experienced, you realize that you only need the essentials however it is important that those essentials are of the highest quality.

The Hunters Can Go Shopping, Too

Hunting season has begun, so you and the boys have gone shopping. Your annual deer hunting extravaganza is coming up next weekend to inaugurate the season, and you all decide to hit the sporting goods store and stock up on some essential supplies.

You and your friends roam the aisles of the store like a wolf pack, just biding your time, day dreaming of all the tasty deer steaks you’ll secure with your rifle over the course of the weekend.

You’ll be grilling venison in the wilderness, free from the burdens of the daily grind, free to relax with some friends, drink some beers, and hunt animals for sport in the wilderness. So long as things don’t turn out like Deliverance, it’ll be a great weekend.

Some may think of it as barbaric, to hunt, but Mother Nature is barbaric, our very planet is full of predators and prey. If our ancestors had not the ability to be barbaric themselves, our species would have never survived long enough to reach the point of technological advancement that offers us the very luxuries that are now afforded to make us scoff at the thought of killing our meal, all the while taking for granted the very luxuries that prevent the necessity of hunting in the first place.

There are still parts of the world, 3rd world countries, in which fear and awareness of apex predators is essential to survival – on the daily. So before you start freaking out, thoughts racing in your head about how hunting is barbaric and how it is inhumane and wrong, please consider that people die quite frequently at the hands of animals and nature.

On the drive to the legendary hunting cabin you’ve been coming to for decades, you notice the sky getting overcast, dark clouds rolling in from above. Thank god you’ve decided to bring your own top rated electric smoker in case the option to build a fire pit isn’t available, because it’s really looking like thunderstorms and showers are rolling in.

In the event of a rain out, what is one to do? Continue to hunt, I say. Nothing to build fortitude like braving the storm and fighting through the rain, stalking your prey, the bow you’re using slick and harder to aim accurately due to the weather.

But the rain also provides additional cover, giving you an advantage – more noise from the rain to cancel out the sound of your light footsteps, or any other noise you might make.

So use the rain to your advantage and utilize the stealth benefits afforded; move in even closer, not unlike an Assassins Creed protagonist or Rambo. And then when you bag that deer despite the rain out, the victory will be all the more triumphant!

Archery Scholarships and More College Money for Bow Hunters

Hunting is an enjoyable and popular sport for many people, and bow hunting is a specialized style of hunting which requires a great deal of practice. While bow hunting is a great sport and pastime, it is not likely to lead to many career opportunities. However, there are a great many opportunities for students to find scholarships for those who are interested in archery and bow hunting. Some of the scholarships depend upon the state you live in or other factors, but check them all out to see which ones you might qualify for.

Field Archery Scholarship Opportunity

Those who are interested in bow hunting but also have found soArchery Scholarshipsme achievement in the sport of field archer should consider this scholarship. The National Field Archery Foundation (NFAA) offers college scholarships to athletes who compete in archery and are also committed to academic achievement. Scholarships are given to students who maintain a 2.0 grade point average and compete in archery during the entire academic year. Students must be attending college or must be planning to attend college and awards are given in amounts between $500 and $5,000. Applicants must be current members of the NFAA for at least two years.

Bow Hunting Scholarship Opportunity

The Nevada Bow Hunting Association (NBHA) is available to students who are members of the association and have made contributions to the sport. Considerations are made based upon academic records, involvement with the sport of bow hunting, and what kinds of things the student would use the award for, if received.

Scholarships That Don’t Require Essay Writing

While some of these scholarships may not be particularly for bow hunters, they are available for a variety of students and do not require essays to be written in order to qualify. Some of these are easy scholarships to apply for online and they need to be re-submitted on a regular basis. Continue reading

The Parts of An Arrow

When I started asking questions about bow hunting I knew some basics but not anywhere as much as I do now (One thing I do know is that I dont like it when hunters give themselves a bad name). I thought every arrow and arrow broadhead was basically the same, and I know now thats not true at all. There are so many different things to consider when getting your stuff together that most dont know where to start.

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Bow Hunting Tips for Beginners

Are you looking to get started bow hunting but arent sure exactly what you need to do, what equipment you need or anything like that? Well, Sit back and crack a cold one because we are here to tell you way more than you need to know about bow hunting. If you’re a rifle hunter you can probably skip a few tips and be OK, but if you’re new to hunting in general you’ll probably want to read closely and remember the most important thing about hunting: Have fun!


Bow hunting is great because it gives you the chance to hunt in some of the nicest areas of the country in some of the best times of the year. It’s also not all that popular (where I live anyway) and I hardly see any people or signs of people when I’m out there. It’s just me, mother nature and father sky. It doesnt get any better than that in my mind. So here are a few tips to help get you started bow hunting.

Grab a compound bow. Compound bows are much easier to learn on when you get started bow hunting than the recurve or long bow. If you’re unsure what a compound bow looks like, they traditionally have wheels or cams on the top and bottom to hold the bow at full draw with very little effort, unlike a long bow.

There are bows for right handed people and left handed people, but unfortunately it’s not that simple – it’s better to go off of your dominant eye when purchasing a bow. For instance, I’m right handed but my left eye is dominant (If you dont know your dominant eye, here’s how to find out). This means that even though Im right handed, I’ll need a left hand bow.

Next thing that you’ll need to consider with your bow is draw weight. This is the weight that is the bow’s max, and you’ll need at least 45 pounds of draw weight to put down a deer. Most people prefer their bows with a 50-75 pound draw weight, but the most important thing is that you’ll need to make sure that you’ll be able to actually draw the bow when you’re ready to shoot. If you cant draw the weight for the bow to be effective, then getting a higher draw weight isnt really worth it.

After you decide the draw weight, you’ll need to decide the draw length of your bow. The guys in your local outdoor gear shop will be able to help you with this, but for most adults it’s 28-30″. For reference, a proper draw length is one that brings the bow string to your lips when the bow is fully drawn.

Obviously, bow hunting doesnt come cheap so I wouldnt go out and buy a bunch of new equipment right away. If you can borrow an old bow from a friend for your first season and see how you like it I would do that. If not, after bow hunting season there are usually quite a lot of close outs on broadheads and arrows. You can pick up good bows on ebay for 75-200 as well.

You dont need to spend a lot of money to enjoy bow hunting.